Ingela Ihrman in residence at Der Tank

At the invitation of FHNW Director Chus Martinez, an art historian and regular curator of major contemporary art events, the artist Ingela Ihrman presented the results of her artist’s residency at Der Tank on June 13th. NA! Fund worked closely with the artist and funded her production and travel costs.

Ingela Ihrman lives and works in Malmö, but her art is directly inspired by memories of her childhood in the Swedish countryside. Her favourite subject is nature, which she explores and plays with during her poetic/absurd performances. Ingela Ihrman drifts between species to surprise her audience, sometimes appearing as some unknown animal, other times as an exotic plant.
A Der Tank, the artist portrayed the blossoming of a blue passion flower, instating an actual dialogue with visitors who could participate directly in the performance for a fully immersive experience.
A “spectacular, playful and festive” performance and an astonishing event.
Installation visible from June 13th to 22nd.
See other projects by this artist at http://www.ingelaihrman.com/
NA! Fund has had a partnership with FHNW in Basel since 2014
der tank 4
der tank 3
der tank 2
Photo: Ingela Ihrman – The Inner Ocean, 2017. © Ingela Ihrman