Ingela Ihrman – The Inner Ocean

Ingela Ihrman’s new exhibition opened on June 13th at Der Tank, curated by Chus Martinez.

In a room flooded with natural light, with a large blue sky-like wall, underwater videos play on a screen and seashells are arranged on a mysterious wooden platform. Then, amidst swirling fog, a large plant magically begins to stir and twist until it opens up entirely, revealing a giant passion flower in full bloom. Bolder visitors can use long straws to drink its “sap”, which is actually orange juice surreptitiously served by the artist.
Ingela Ihrman created her sophisticated costume during her artist residency at FHNW University. During this highly moving performance, man merges with nature, man becomes nature, offering visitors a gentle, poetic interlude in which to ponder our relationship to biodiversity.
Set during the international art fair Art Basel, this performance also questions the very concept of a work of art. Can it only be a tangible, marketable object or can an artistic expression, no matter how transient, also be recognised as a “work”? What place do performance artists have on the art scene today? While they have access to more and more means of expression, there are still far too few stages on which they can exist.
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See other projects by this artist at http://www.ingelaihrman.com/
N.A! Fund has had a partnership with FHNW in Basel since 2014