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“Bloom again” : N.A! Fund’s first Academy in Elefsina

At our “Bloom Again” Academy, some twenty young Mediterranean artists and their teachers joined the N.A! Fund team in Elefsina from 22nd to 27th May. The goal was to solidly anchor culture within the city through friendly interaction and shared experiences with local residents.

Looking ahead to Eleusis 2021, a European Capital of Culture committed to art and sustainable development, the group took the city of Elefsina as its starting point and discussed the future of our urban centres. How can art help us build cities that respect their environment and their residents?
After a very rich exchange between students and local citizens, the young artists designed an installation based on permaculture, a solution that can be described as natural ecology. Permaculture takes account of each ecosystem’s biodiversity so that farming can be sustainable, environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient. The art installation deliberately included the local population, who designed their own environment and are now in charge of maintaining it, thereby perpetuating links with the artists.
Eleusis 2021 will focus on eco-responsibility, urban planning and history. This Academy was first and foremost about exchanges, be they cultural, intergenerational, artistic or intellectual.
For more information about Eleusis 2021: https://eleusis2021.eu/?lang=en
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Photos : © Petros Chytiris