Inge Ceustermans

Inge Ceustermans studied languages and literature at the universities of Louvain and Antwerp. After working almost 10 years with the Brussels based artists’ company Needcompany under the artistic direction of Jan Lauwers, she managed ‘Atelier for Young Festival Managers’, an initiative by the European Festivals Association (EFA). In 2012 she sets up a new non-profit organisation ‘The Festival Academy’ as an initiative of the European Festivals Association. In the meantime The Festival Academy developed into a regular training offer for festival managers worldwide on the artistic side as well as on the production side. Inge Ceustermans is currently developing ‘The Festival Academy’ into an independent structure. Apart from this, she is consulting different artists on their general strategy and international relations. She is also a member of the advisory committee for the Agency of Arts and Heritage in Flanders.