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“EVERY” at the Haute Ecole des Arts du Rhin

“By examining the dividing line between nature and culture, I can highlight patterns of socialisation in nature, between identification, relationship and figuration.

By questioning our relationship with nature, rather than rejecting it or holding on too tightly, we are obliged to accept ourselves as simply part of it.”
After a long period of research, Frédéric Pagace has finished his installation at Strasbourg’s HEAR. In residence there since late January, the artist has been exploring connections between living and inanimate objects by coating plants in porcelain. Some of the ceramics are gold-plated and attached to an electronic device that remains in standby until one of the gilded pieces is touched. Then the installation breaks its silence and pronounces a list of random words. Depending on which part is touched, the narrative may sound either melodious or cacophonous.
The art installation was completed just as future graduates were preparing their jury presentations, and helped bring some much needed calm to this period of artistic frenzy. Frédéric Pagace took the time to work with the students and their teachers, looking specifically at the materials used. He used imported mycelium powder from the United States, a material whose appearance changes depending on the materials with which it interacts. Having researched these materials, in particular for making moulds, Frédéric Pagace will also be teaching students about his work with 3D printers, which normally use only petroleum-based products. For this installation, the artist injected clay to create his ceramics, literally printing them back to life.
This work of art explores the use of living materials and our relationship to them. It generates multiple dialogues through sound, sight and touch.
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Photos: © C. Creutz
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