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“Vive les Animaux” by Thierry Bedard

This month, the NA! Fund just loves “Vive les Animaux!”, a show by Thierry Bédard inspired by philosopher and ethologist Vinciane Despret and her lecture “What would animals say if …”.

Her “scholarly lecture” questions our relationship with other living species and takes a large step back from the “hierarchical scandal” that places man at the top of animal societies, followed by apes .
The ethologist, played by Sabine Moindrot, uses humour to reveal the sensitivities, characters and sociability of animals. To allow us to grasp these characteristics, the show helps us break away from our ethnocentric position by asking some unusual and totally unbiased questions. The animals are placed around the speakers and react to the almost animalistic exchanges between the ethologist and her assistant, played by Julien Cussonneau, accompanied by guitarist Jean Grillet.
Both educational and funny, the show takes a playful approach to mainstreaming new scientific understandings while overturning our preconceived ideas.
“Vive les animaux” is part of the Villeneuve en Scène festival.
From July 10th to 22nd at 5:30 pm (except July 16) in Villeneuve Lez Avignon

Photos: © Marc Coudrais