Founder : Bertrand Jacoberger

initiateur NAF

Bertrand Jacoberger has many passions: painting, photography, the performing arts, innovation, global current affairs… Chairman of La Filature, Mulhouse’s national theatre and concert hall, he is also a nature lover, an art collector and a firm believer in the power of networks. It is by combining this diverse range of interests that he was inspired to found the Nature Addicts Fund, to support artists through the same values he uses every day to run his business: local and global collaborative work practices, long-term commitments and respect for the world’s natural balance. Established by his grandfather in 1932 in eastern France, today Solinest is the trusted distributor of the world’s leading brands of confectionary, biscuits and hot drinks in Europe, including Ricola, Fisherman’s Friend, Werther’s Original, Chupa Chups, Mentos, Tetley and Van Houten. An international success story, but one that has not cut the business off from its local roots.


As well as placing particular importance on quality and reducing the company’s carbon footprint, Bertrand Jacoberger recently turned his environmental convictions into a product of his own. “Nature Addicts”, convenient fruit snacks with no added sugar, colouring or artificial flavouring, are an innovative and responsible solution to help consumers follow public health recommendations to eat 5 fruits and vegetables a day.



Nature Addicts

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