Our philosophy

At Nature Addicts Fund, we are convinced that art has a key role to play in sustainable development awareness and in inspiring tomorrow’s world. The Fund seeks to contribute to an approach that is less about scaring people and making them feel guilty and more about sharing the real concerns of experts and scientists through the subtle, sensitive and unconventional vision that artists can express.

Nature Addicts Fund places a high priority on corporate social responsibility, using Internet to drive its development and closely monitoring travel, which is kept to a strict minimum.

One of the Fund’s first initiatives has been to explore the role that companies play in society and in Europe.


Travelling Academy : a  unique concept

Far from seeking to replace existing projects or funding sources – especially public funds – the Nature Addicts Fund is designed to encourage new arenas in which artists can work and meet at a different pace, one that facilitates reflection, discussion and the emergence of alternative projects. That’s why the Fund invent a  unique concept : the Travelling Academy.

Every year it will be organised in a different European country. Its objective is to bring together technical or scientific experts from all disciplines and artists of all forms of expression to debate, learn from each other and allow new creative impetus to emerge. This travelling format encourages an exchange of ideas but is also a source of inspiration, as each country, each artistic community has its own unique outlook on the world, influenced by its geographic, political, economic or social situation. In this age of the short-term, Nature Addicts Fund deliberately favours multi-year projects and a long-term perspective.



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